Haircuts, Obedience and Niniveh


Yesterday I had coffee with my friend Eric at a local Starbucks and I noticed that he had cut his hair very short.  It wasn’t bad, I actually liked it but I could tell he felt awkward.  I made a comment about it and he said there is a story behind the bad haircut.  I love stories so I said tell me about it.

He started out by paraphrasing a verse:

We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. 2 Cor. 4:10

“There is a barber in my neighborhood that I have gone to in the past and he is crazy.  I mean he is not right.  One time he said some really offensive things while I was there and I said to myself as I left that I was never going to go to that barber again.  God stopped me and said yes you are.  You are going to go back there and you are going to love the heck out of that man.  I remembered Pastor Jason’s sermon from last Sunday when he was preaching on Jonah and asked us where or what is our Nineveh.  Where is the place we have said to God we will not go?  So I went back to the crazy barber yesterday and was nice to him and loved him; and this is the haircut I got.”

It is an axiom of life that God is always speaking if we but would have eyes to see and ears to hear.  I believe many of us don’t hear from God because we don’t want to hear from God.  If we heard a truth about ourselves we would have to do something with that truth and most of are more committed to our autonomy than Jesus.

Sometimes when you are obedient to God you still get a bad haircut.


2 thoughts on “Haircuts, Obedience and Niniveh

  1. You are really getting personal when you start talking about our hair and what people are apt to do to it with you sitting there watching. I remember a time when a church member (beautician) was going to do her Pastor’s wife a favor and gave me a perm. I knew it was going to be bad when she brought out rollers that were no larger than match sticks – she assured me it would be fine that my hair would relax in time and this way my perm would last longer. As a result John (son-in-law) called me “Brown Sugar” for months until I could get it long enough to cut. Every Sunday (after struggling to get my hair into some sort of style) I had to greet her, smile and appreciate her intent to do me a favor. It probably would have been easier to do if she set fire to my closet …..your hair is very personal and there is usually no quick fix. God has some time to work on our attitude while it is growing out.

    Seems I remember you being required to get a hair cut one time…
    I enjoy all your articles.
    Love, Mom

  2. Greetings,
    I enjoyed reading this article! It also made me think about how we handle the people we know and love on a daily basis. There are times when we are much nicer and willing to forgive STRANGERS than we are to the people we hold dear and near to and in our hearts. I think the same message should apply…for instance sometimes we may need to: eat a badly cooked meal, indure a game of uno or learning aobut a video game, listen to a genre of music we dislike etc. If the same “haircut” rules applied, I think our hearts would open tremendously…as would our spirits.
    Both Barber Bad Hair Cut Giver and Receiver of Bad Haircuts…
    Anastacia(Stacey)Tolbert 🙂

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