A Look


We are a treasuring people. 


Many years ago in another church we used to have Sunday night services and during the congregational singing while I was sitting on the front pew getting ready to preach, I looked back at my wife in her usual place about 3rd row on the isle and gave her a wink and a smile.  It was one of those moments where many years of commitment and shared experiences and love compressed into a look of deep love.  It was a lingering look…long enough for both of us to know how the other felt about each other. 


I turned around and sang the rest of the hymn and then the worship leader had us do the meet and greet.  I sat down and looked over my sermon notes when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I looked around to see a woman in her 40s sitting down on the edge of the pew behind me.  She said something I have never forgotten, “Pastor, I noticed the way you were looking at Lynette and I just want to tell you that I would give anything if my husband ever looked at me like you just looked at your wife.”


Maybe God is calling you to be more expressive when you worship Him.  I was raised a Southern Baptist which meant that we never expressed our feelings to God.  We might say “Amen” to the preacher but not to God.  If you raised your hands in worship there was a good chance that an usher would come and help you to the restroom.  He just assumed that was the question that you were raising your hand to ask.  I still struggle letting go and expressing to God my deepest feelings in worship. 


I know a lot about the God I say I adore.  But that knowledge rarely moves me to acutally move.  God forbid I should dance before the Lord like King David did in 2 Samuel 6!  David was obviously not a Baptist.  No…but he did love his Lord enough to let that love actually move him to move.


Funny…we will look at each other with deep looks of love and longing or we have deep feelings of love for our children when we check on them while they are sleeping in the night, but being moved in our hearts about what God has done for us through His son Jesus on the cross can be almost non-existent.


I wonder if God ever is tempted to say to us, “I would give anything for you to look at me the way you look at that which you treasure the most.”


Oh wait…He has.



One thought on “A Look

  1. It is true we do not express our joy or love overtly enough,but let me give another view. I was raised pentecostal where one was expected to raise hands,leap about and speak in tongues to the Lord. This can be fine, but all too often it was the norm that was expected and became false and frankly a fakery. The same people who looked down on baptista for being “dead in Christ”had no compunction about business fraud,race hatred and wanton adultery as long as the appearances were in order. The most infamous being Jimmy Swaggert. If it is the heart and soul thank heaven,if it is for its own sake it is a whited sepulchere. God Bless.

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