Lost and Found

In Luke 15 Jesus tells three interrelated stories to prove a point about who God favors. A shepherd went out looking for a sheep until he found it.   A woman went all out looking for a coin until she found it.  A father while he didn’t go out to the far country looking for his son…the son needed to learn some lessons on his own…the father actively looked for him every day until he came home.

When you value something and it winds up missing you go after it right?

Several years ago Lynette had done a load of laundry and had several more to go. There were clothes strewn all over the laundry room floor. Right in the middle of the floor was a drain.

Our bedroom was next door to the laundry room and I was in it trying to do some reading. Suddenly I heard a shriek as if someone was being assaulted coming from the laundry room. I ran into the room and my wife had her eyes wide open, horror etched on her face and her left hand up. I said, “Hey, I am trying to read in here!” She pointed to her hand and said, “It’s gone!” I looked. Her hand was still there. Her fingers were still there. Her ring was still there. What is gone? I asked. She said, “My diamond!”

She started to cry while she ran her hand around the tub of the washer. Frantically, she started looking everywhere tossing the piles of clothes aside as if they were guilty of this thievery. I just stared at her. She snapped at me, “Why aren’t you helping me? I said, “What makes you think you are going to find it if you have been poking your hand down in a churning washing machine? All of that water, soap and anything the size of that diamond is washed away. It is gone.” I wasn’t too upset about it. (I knew how much I had paid for it.)

But she was beside herself. So we looked. She tried to get me to undo some plumbing, but I balked and distracted her by looking intently down that drain into Mordor. Nothing.  After what seemed like an hour of searching I decided the practical thing to do was to get some sleep. So I went back to bed and I talked her into going to bed too.  I tried to comfort her, but she cried and cried.  I remember thinking that I don’t really understand my wife very well.

Later she told me that while in bed she whispered, “God, I know it is just a little thing. But could you help me find my diamond?”

Directly, she got up and went back to look again. I was almost asleep when I heard screaming and shouting. I bolted out of bed again thinking she had lost something else. But she came running into the bedroom, grabbed me hugged me and kissed me and said. “I found it!” Right in the middle of the laundry room floor on top of a pair of blue jeans laid her diamond.

Oh, the power of prayer, passion and persistence!

If you are a Christ follower it is because someone went looking for you.

Every Christian I know can look back on their life and see how someone searched them out.  God put a Christian in their department at work.  They stumbled over a book that made the claims of Christ seem reasonable.  They were invited to worship service and everything became clear. 

There is a diamond in your world just waiting to be found this Easter. 

Will you pray and look?


One thought on “Lost and Found

  1. I don’t know why, but the part about you complaining that you were trying to read in the other room when your wife was screaming made me chuckle a bit 🙂 I am sure I’ve never done anything like that to my wife! 😉

    I think you make a very good point about how we in the church should see the lost. We (the church) do not exist as a rah-rah social club (not that we shouldn’t enjoy our fellowship). Our heart should always be where Christ’s is in relentless pursuing those who need Him.

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