A Fistful of SPLENDA®

My wife and I went shopping last Saturday at the “Great Mukilteo Garage Sale.”  I was hopeful to find a recliner for next to nothing.  Failed.  I did see a Wurlitzer upright piano for $175.00.  I thought that was a good price, but since neither one of us play and we live in an upstairs condo I decided not to buy it.  The owner did not deliver.  I asked.

Saw lots of baby clothes and toys.  But since we have grown men for children:  failed again.

No I don’t need that computer mouse for .05.  Same with the Ann Ryn books.  Couldn’t use the ski poles.  Had to say no to the swag lamp too.  I believe we spent 6 hours shopping and Nette bought two children’s books.  Our cash out lay was fifty cents.  Or as the cool kids say “fiddy cent.”

The day was a loss until a young, tough-minded, no-guff, rosy-cheeked 12 year old boy manning a coffee stand for his parents yard sale made me smile all afternoon.  Every time I thought about it I would laugh.

I was looking through various and sundry shoes when I heard from the direction of the little coffee stand a voice that had yet to change to a lower more testosterone laden register, “Hey lady you can’t just take that!”  I turned to see what was going on and this innocent looking young guy was angry.  Said, “Thats not free!”  The older lady was ignoring him.  He walked over to her and gently tapped her on the shoulder and said, “You have to put that back.  It is not free.”

She turned and looked at him as if he were soap bubble that would burst in a minute anyway and kept shopping.  Undaunted he raised his already screechy voice, “I am not kidding lady.  You can’t just take that.  It is not free.  Put it back.”

I am so excited now.  I am going to see a fight between a 12 year old and a 70 year old lady.  I got my phone out ready to video the violence so I could up-load it and become a viral-you-tube sensation.  But just as I thought we were going to see pimples burst and blue hair fly, she stepped over to his coffee station, reached into her beige overcoat and pulled out a fistful of yellow packets of SPLENDA®  and put them back in the open box beside the pump of hot coffee.

As she turned to walk away and with veins swollen on his pubescent face he said one more time, “You can’t just take stuff!”

I had to walk away.  I was laughing so hard.  I got to the end of the drive and looked back and the little fella’s dad had walked over to see what was going on.  The dad was giggling.  But the kid was not.  His ire was still way up.  He was ready to rumble.  I walked back to him and said, “Hey, that right there was funny.”  Dad is laughing out loud now but his son was watching the little old lady go to the next house and was glaring like Clint Eastwood.

Then to no one in particular he said through clinched teeth, “That is not right.  I would have given her some if she had asked.  But you can’t just take stuff without asking.”


2 thoughts on “A Fistful of SPLENDA®

  1. Good for him! I think he stated the moral of the story – “You can’t just take stuff!” More and more people have the idea if they don’t get caught there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. Our moral integrety should “stand tall” even if no one is watching.

  2. ASK and it shall be given, TAKE and your get the wrath of this 12 year old boy who has character to stand tall and do the right thing.

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