A Calling and a Prayer Request


12 thoughts on “A Calling and a Prayer Request

  1. This video caused me to be fidgety and restless. I am wrestling with something very similar. I will commit to pray for you and your church. Do you remember our lunch way back in March of 09? I’m ready, whatever that looks like. Dan

  2. Listening to you talk about your call to preach reminded me of one of the first times we visited Lochwood. Jim and Lori were being welcomed as the new associate pastor. I can’t remember your sermon, but I do I remember Mike was standing at the top of the stairs welcoming everyone, not just saying welcome, but with his whole heart, and I can remember several people on the worship team, Bob, Cj, LaCretia, Jack, I think Cindy was playing the piano, and then you preached. Whatever it was, it was good. It grabbed my attention and I thought we are definitely coming back. I remember back then you always gave an alter call; not just to be saved, but for those who needed healing. And then, at the end of the service I remember Jim and Lori being voted in as the new associate pastor. (more of a formality than anything, if I remember correctly) Next the congregation filled their pantry. I remember thinking that in all the years that I had spent in a church, this was the first time that you could actually feel God’s love everywhere. There was something blessed going on in that church, and God was heading it up, and it seems to me that God has special plans for your new little church. I know He has a special person or couple in mind to head up your family ministry, so be patient and Listen, and that goes for anyone reading this. Be still and Listen, and you will know God’s plan for you.


    • Those were wonderful times, Sara. We had a wonderful thing going at Lochwood. I remember my time there with great fondness and terrible, terrible regret. How could I have been so selfish? I think I am just now getting over what I did. I doubt I will ever fully recover from it…but I have found a way to function in the Kingdom now…

      I believe God has someone designated for this ministry…thanks for praying.

  3. Wow, I can’t wait to see who God has picked to lead this very important value. Pursuing family. God’s anointing is in this message. Thank you Jesus.

  4. I think this is really exciting Joe. It’s been on my heart for a few years to work with families. I’m assuming the issues are the same in the US as they are here in the UK that the family unit more often or not has broken down, even in families where the marriage is strong children and their parents can lead separate lives. I feel God is asking us to reach out to those families to create opportunity for parents to simply get down on the floor and play with their kids and for kids to open up and communicate with their parents. Churches should run parenting courses and should be a place where people are free to say they are struggling without fear of judgement. Also we should see the significance of our youth. The children are the church of today, not tomorrow. Our children need discipling so they understand long before the rot sets in that there is freedom to be found in Chrst and Christ alone. If we instill this in our little children before culture and trends lead them in the opposite direction imagine the consequences? A church filled with young warriors ready to work for Christ. And from my experience when children become Christians they spread the word of God so simply that the adults soon follow. I believe that it is by getting along side the families in our communities, reaching out with the hand of God by offering the most simplest of gifts, love, that we will see whole cities saved.

    Since leaving Mukilteo and returning to the UK God has been stiring up my heart to reach out to children and families in my community. The harvest is planty, but the workers are few! I’ll be praying that God leads the right couple into this crucial ministry at RCM.

    many blessings, Rachel

  5. Will do Joe, Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I only wish that either I was there or that you were here because I would love for my family and I to be involved in RCM. I can’t seem to find a church like RCM here in Texas. Listening and watching your video this morning took me back to our college days at HPU. Take care brother! Robert

  6. Joe, I never cry anymore, but your message brought tears to my eyes. I have been struggling so much with family issues and my own inadequecy to solve any of it. The Lord has impressed upon me to “Be still and wait upon Him.” after listening to your message, my faith has been renewed. I will pray for the families in your church and the leadership you desire, as I pray for my own broken child. Thank you my friend, Katie

  7. Joe,
    I will add my prayer for open eyes and open heart’s to yours. Wonderful story of your call, we all can relate at some level…
    You have a good ear for the Lords Will. Blessings on your Head,Mike Riley

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