Wait, what?

When Caleb, my youngest son, was about twelve years old we would often go to my favorite coffee house, buy our drink and walk across the parking lot to a bookstore and spend a couple of hours there.  One time he was so excited about a new video game that was coming out and he wanted for Christmas. Here is what I know about video games: ZERO.

He began to chatter and prattle on and on about all that this new game could do.

He would say, “Dad, you go through this such and such door and you get a new weapon.  It is so cool.”

“No you can’t, Caleb,” I would say.

“Yes sir, Dad.  And then after you go through that doorway, there is a secrete passageway that leads to another level and you can oversee the enemy.”

“Nope. That’s not true, Caleb,” I would say.

I was arguing with him for the sake of irritating him which was the point.  I could see that I was frustrating him.

“Then once you are at that level, if you look up to your left there is a shelf with a box on it and inside there is another clue to another  secrete passage way.”

I raised my voice and got very intense and said, “No, Caleb.  That is not how it works!”

“Yeah huh, Dad!” His voice is rising with mine, matching my intensity and volume.

I feigned anger and said, “Caleb, you don’t know what you are talking about!”

“I do too know what I am talking about, Dad. You just don’t know what you are listening to.”

Make your own application.


3 thoughts on “Wait, what?

  1. Those last two sentences are true of much of the discourse on a lot of topics, especially faith and Christianity. Good response from Caleb.

  2. Hey Pastor Joe,
    We really do need “listening ears” to hear the voices from all around us and to discern that ONE SMALL VOICE.
    Thanks for the blogs, keep them coming.
    Micki S.

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