Soft Stones

Grace and Truth are the foundations of the Christian faith.

Field Notes On The Jesus Way

Everyone has a person in their family that is hard to love. If you don’t know who the person in your family that is particularly challenging to love, chances are it is you. It is quite a sobering thought to imagine that I am someone’s hard to love person. In our family the hard to love person was my maternal grandfather: Oscar Lee Johnston.

Oscar Lee Johnston Oscar Lee Johnston

He was a grumpy old cowboy from west Texas. He only had an 8th grade education and for a few years when my mother was a little girl he was a Baptist preacher, but then he decided that making money was more important than winning souls so he went back to combining wheat up and down the Midwest from Texas to Canada.

He was an old man when I was born and much older than his years. He smoked a pipe so…

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